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Detergent Free Laundry 

Eco-green Solutions  


Today, almost every self-respecting organization in the world advocates environmental protection, and attention to sustainable products is taking on moral meaning in the commitment of the organization to protect the world.


The vision of Aqua Solutions involves a wish to optimize laundering processes by using cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are manufactured in the system that it developed. The "Aqua Solutions" are biodegradable and combine the wish for uncompromising quality in cleanliness of laundry along with environment protection


During laundering that were made with Aqua Solutions (AS), it was found that in addition to improving the waste water of laundries, there is a direct effect over other elements that improve the environmental friendliness by using the AS solutions.  The use in washing process with AS solutions significantly reduces the water consumption of laundries (up to 50% saving), significantly reduces the energy consumption of washing machines (80%), reduces the need for purchasing and handling the cleaning agents themselves, thus reducing the volume of empty packages (waste) after using the agents.  Additional parameter that was examined was the effect of laundering processes with AS solutions over the quality of fabric after 25 and 50 washing cycles. Laboratory tests show that the physical and chemical damage alone is significantly smaller than when regular cleaning agents are used.  



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