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   A GREEN technological breakthrough   


The Aqua Solutions system (AS-System) using a special electrolysis process that generates two powerful, effective solutions, one solution has strong cleaning ability and the other has strong disinfecting ability.


The AS-system is an industrial “production unit” that produces all cleaning and disinfecting agents needed by laundries. Manufacturing of these two solutions is performed in-house, eliminating the need to purchase and handle substance to the laundry.


The solutions production process in the AS-system consumes only three elements: electricity, water and salt.


The system is modular, each module producing 200 liters of the two solutions per hour, 100 liters of each solution. A system producing 200 liters per hour can serve a laundry facility that produces 2 tons of laundry per shift.


The first module (Master) also serves as the command and control module for the solution production processes. Additional modules (Units) can be connected in parallel to it, to multiply the output of the system. Each additional module increases the system output by another 200 liters per hour. For example, a system that produces 1000 liters per hour is composed of a master and another 4 units, which can serve a laundry facility that processes 10 tons of laundry per day.


The AS system has been strictly engineered in aspects of electricity, electronics and water flow control. The system is made of high standard materials, bearing the CE European standard. The computerized controller commands and controls all of the system operation processes, warns of malfunctions and if necessary stops the operation of the system. The system does not need complicated maintenance and its operation is simple. The system occupies a relatively small floor space and may be easily and quickly installed in any laundry facility.




 * AS-200 : Serve in commercial laundry that generate 2000 Kg. of textiles a day (One shift)



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