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     Detergent Free Solutions


The AS system needs An electric power source and a soft water supply source. A salt solution tank (brine, a solution saturated with 24% NE salinity) is an integral part of the command module (Master) of the system.


When the system is activated, a constant water current of 200 liters per hour (soft water) passes through the electrolysis cells, which are made of special materials. The cells are divided into 2 separate compartments by a porous membrane. The cells receive a very high DC current. The water at the entrance to the system is diluted (3.5%) with the brine (salt solution). The effect of the electrical current that passes in the compartments on the water and brine causes the aqueous salt solution to break down and absolute separation of the ions on the anode and cathode sides. At the two outlets of the compartment, two new solutions are obtained, an alkaline solution with a high pH (more than 12) and with oxidative capacity of -1,200 mV, and an acidic solution with a very low pH (less than 2) with oxidative capacity of +1,000 mV.  These two solutions are stored in two large, separate plastic containers. Each of the containers serves as a cleaning or disinfecting solution source for use in accordance with the laundry plans. Storage container filling processes are automatic and liquid height sensors transmit to the AS system “Start” and filling or “Stop” when the tanks are full.


The two storage tanks are connected via a network of pipes to each of the washing machines of the laundry. Each washing machine receives two pipes with command valves for each solution type. In accordance with the washing program, the command controllers of the washing machines are programmed to turn the command valves of the solution pipes "on" and "off" for a set time, in order to let the solutions flow into the machine in accordance with the present quantity for each separate washing program. The solutions mix in the machine drum with regular tap water, which constitutes about 10% of the total quantity of liquid in the drum during the washing cycle.


The use of regular tap water in the laundry cycle reduces the laundry’s need for soft water as is customary today in washing processes with detergents and chemicals.


Connection of the washing machine to the AS system does not eliminate or damage the current feed system that every laundry has for adding regular cleaning agents and chemicals.


Alkaline AS solution: pH>12 – replaces soap and detergents, is not toxious and is not harmful to hands and human tissues..


Acidic AS solution: pH<2 – this solution contains low concentration free chlorine with high disinfecting capacity.


Advantages of Using the AS Solutions



1)         Reduction of water consumption


The use of AS solutions reduces water consumption of laundries by 50%.

The washing process with SA solutions does not involve soap and no foam is formed. Because there is no foam, there is no need to rinse laundered fabrics with so much water. The water consumption of standard load washing machines is 16 – 20 liters of water per kg of laundry. Laundering with AS solutions reduces water consumption to  8 – 10 liters of water per kg of laundry.



2)         Reduction of material consumption


Use of AS solutions reduces the consumption of cleaning and disinfecting agents of laundries by 70 – 80%. Washing with AS solutions involves the use of regular granular salt, with an environmentally friendly brightener liquid that keeps the whiteness of fabrics.



3)         Improvement of waste water quality


Using AS solutions improves the quality of the waste water of the laundry.

 Two parameters that are checked worldwide: COD & BOD indicate a ratio of more than 50% between them.


4)         Reduction of washing cycle time


Using AS solutions reduces the wash cycle time in machines by at least 20%.

Saving on water and rinses reduces the total washing time.



5)         Reduction of energy consumption


Use of AS solutions reduces the energy consumption for heating water using washing processes by at least 70%.

The washing processes are performed at 20-30°C, without boiling being necessary. Reduced energy consumption reduces the use of gas, fuel, oil or electricity



6)         Extension of fabric lifetime


Tests at textile laboratories in Israel and Germany have shown that using AS- solutions significantly reduces the physical and chemical damage to the fabric during laundering. Chemicals and high water temperature with the friction in the drum cause physical and chemical damage to the fabric. The maximum permitted physical damage after 50 washing cycles is 30%, according to international standard. Because AS solution washing processes involve no chemicals and the water temperature stays low, the physical damage to the fabric is in the range of only 10%-13%.




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